Community Groups
Life is full of challenges; loved ones get sick and pass away, children rebel and make bad decisions, we make bad decisions, work is stressful and unrewarding, we battle  the same old temptations and struggles day after day with little sign of relief.  Life can be hard.  And to make matters worse, we here in the West (United States and Wester Europe) are the most isolated people in history.  Job mobility takes us far from home.  Our technology addiction simultaneously relives a little of the isolation and makes it worse.  
Life is full of challenges and we are not meant to face them alone.  We need real community with other people of like faith.  Starting in Spring 2016 Gallup Hill is beginning our new Community Group ministry.  Each week small  groups of the Gallup Hill church family and others will gather in one another's homes to get to know one another better and deepen friendships.  During these gathers we will share snacks, stories about our week, and talk about the pastor's sermon from the previous Sunday to see how it affects our everyday life.  
Join us and relieve the loneliness you feel inside!